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Pickled Plums, and Why You Should Be Eating Them

Posted by Orion Nevel on



Pickled plum, traditionally called Umeboshi in Japan, is a tart and tangy culinary experience that also has an amazing alkalizing effect on the body. Commonly used as a hangover remedy, Umeboshi is known to support the bodies ability to eliminate toxins and help the liver process excess alcohol. It has also been used traditionally for diarrhea and constipation.

The use of pickled plums for it's medicinalproperties dates back over one thousand years ago in Japan. A rich folklore has cultivated around this delicacy, especially concerning Umeboshi's ability to ward off illness. 

Cooking with Umeboshi

Umeboshi is perfectly paired with white rice and seaweed to make a nori wrapped rice ball. Or add a few to your rice bowl to increase the flavor and health benefits of your meal. If your feeling a bit adventorous try spreading Umebsohi paste onto corn on the cob or making a East Meets West Umeboshi Guacamole which will surprise and delight even your most discerning foodie friends. For the guacamole recipe and more info check out one of my favorite cook books Japanese Foods That Heal

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