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Night Time

A potent blend of hypnotic herbs coupled with melatonin that will send you to dream land safely.

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"Amazing company! Wish there were more of them in the US and beyond! Love how quick they are and that they utilize liquid herbs which are so easy to take" - Sasha Bruno

"Orion Herbs has healed me and my family more times than I can remember, there is always quality products attention to details and guidance from pillars of the wholistic community" - Raheem Cooper

"Our family has been buying our Chinese herbal formulas from Orion Herbs since they opened their doors, and wouldn't put our trust in any other herb company for keeping us healthy and well." - Ellen Gray

"Integrity in both formula quality and customer service for all products there is nothing that compares to these formulas on this planet!" - Lisa Middleton, AP

"Great products and great service. They are really knowledgeable about health and wellness" - Kenny Valera 

"Best quality, selection, informed-source with professional, intelligent and caring staff" - Dianne Gordon

"Works so well!!! This is the best formula I've used for stressed patients and those suffering with anxiety. It's simple,well-tolerated, and effective." - Holly Thompson, AP