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Back Pain, A No Crack Chiropractic Approach

Posted by Orion Nevel on
Back Pain, A No Crack Chiropractic Approach

Back Pain, A No Crack Chiropractic Approach


Wait, I thought Chiropractic work always encompassed cracking adjustments?

Chiropractic work is about relieving unnecessary stress or strain on the body in order to improve function. There are many ways to move bones or relieve tension. I utilize techniques that incorporate therapeutic massage, acupuncture, exercise, and low force instruments. A lot of these techniques will have longer lasting results because they're addressing the muscles surrounding your skeletal frame.


So then what are your main tools?

Staying true to the art of chiropractic, my main tools are still my hands. But I also use a special table that helps open up the low back, mechanical instruments which give gentle adjustments, cupping, and of course acupuncture. I also like to utilize traditional herbal formulas and modern day supplements like proteolytic enzymes and amino acids which are designed to replenish the body. 


Do you ever perform the "cracking" manual adjustments?

When people ask me what kind of chiropractor I am, I simply reply, what kind would you like me to be. There are many ways to perform adjustments and depending on the situation and the person's comfort level I will perform "cracking "adjustments. 


What kind of results do you see?

With the combination of acupuncture and chiropractic, the results have been phenomenal. I've had patients that have come in with chronic issues start to finally have relief after years of frustration. I believe that patient education and cooperation is the key to having positive results. 


How long until improvements are noticed?

There are many variables that can affect how long it may take for patient to see improvements. Depending on the condition, it can be as short as one to two visits or it may take up to six visits before the patient starts to see a noticeable change. But usually after the first visit a slight difference is at least noticed by most of my patients.


What kind of activities should people who have back pain avoid?

In the beginning, patients should avoid actions that cause their back to hurt more. I know that sounds simple, but it really does make a difference. What most patients need is a guide for finding out what activities help or hurt them. The goal of my treatments are to help find the weak links and strengthen them so that the patient may resume the full spectrum of activities. Excessive sitting and working on your computer or cell phone, can cause common low back and neck pain due to a postural imbalance known as upper-cross syndrome


What exactly is upper-cross syndrome?

Upper crossed syndrome is a postural syndrome that is sweeping the modern era like an epidemic. It goes by other names such as tech neck or forward head posture. It is an imbalance in muscles which is caused by frequent use of a computer or cell phone. When these certain muscles are out of balance, it puts tension on your spine and can cause lower neck pain and neck related headaches.


So does that mean I can't work at a desk anymore?

I know that some people say sitting is the new smoking, but there is a balance between the extremes. It is good to be able to alternate between a sitting desk and a standing desk, but there are also certain types of techniques that you can use to improve your sitting posture.


What about my favorite sports?

By all means, my goal is to help you do the things in life that you enjoy. Some sports may be a little bit rough on the body but with proper rehabilitation and care your body is built to heal itself. I believe that the joy you receive from doing the things you want outweighs the minor bumps and bruises that we may receive. 

Miami Beach Chiropractic

Shiva Schiff earned his degree as a Chiropractic Physician from the founding school of chiropractic, Palmer College.  He specializes in structural correction using gentle adjusting techniques and neuromuscular re-education. 

He is currently practicing and living in Miami Beach, where he takes advantage of the nature infused urban experience by frequent visits to the beach, biking, and running.

Shiva is a life long yogi which to this day not only influences his chiropractic practice but also his approach to all decisions. 

Reach out to Shiva,

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