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The 5 supplement essentials every fitness enthusiast needs in their gym bag

Posted by Orion Nevel on
The 5 supplement essentials every fitness enthusiast needs in their gym bag

Whether you are new to training or a certified gym-rat, chances are you’ve come across them. Syrupy energy drinks with too much caffeine. Over-sugared pre-workout so strong it makes your skin itch. That protein powder with a whole list of questionable ingredients on the label.

These types of products don’t just taste unappealing and unnatural. They can also be putting your health at risk. High blood pressure, irritability, and inflammation are common side effects of excessive caffeine and sugar, not to mention that midday crash. Food additives that may be lurking in your supplements can also cause inflammation and even hypersensitive reactions in your gut, skin, or nervous system.

If this sounds scary, that’s because it is! But you don’t have to rely on these options to hit your new PR. Here are some of the best herbal alternatives to help you reach your fitness goals:

Host Defense Cordyceps

Cordyceps is one of the best mushrooms around to enhance athletic performance. A staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cordyceps increases energy, stamina, and oxygen consumption. This is an absolute necessity for distance runners, swimmers, and anyone needing sustained cardio power. Cordyceps gives you the big “push” to go the extra mile- or twenty!

Orion Herbs Energy Mushroom Support

Energy Mushroom Support combines the benefits of Cordyceps with another mushroom heavy lifter, Reishi, for improved energy and cellular health. It also features Ginseng, Eleuthero, and Maca, among other botanical powerhouses, to improve vitality, mood, and health. This supplement is a must, not only as preworkout fuel, but for your daily wellness and longevity.

Orion Herbs Persephone’s Turmeric

The wear and tear of heavy training can result in increased inflammation, leading to soreness and joint pain. Pain from inflammation can sneak up slowly or it can hit you all at once after a particularly strenuous workout. Either way, the discomfort can be debilitating and cause long-term physical injury. Turmeric clinically reduces inflammation and should be taken daily for ongoing preventative measures or in higher doses to deal with more acute inflammatory pain.

Theramedix Recovery Support

After going extra hard at the gym, it’s important to repair any damage to your soft tissue. Recovery Support offers a potent enzyme blend to boost cellular repair and joint health without any fillers, preservatives, sucrose, or fake stuff. Don’t train so hard that your body is too wiped out to perform for your big event! Healthy recovery with Recovery Support is critical to ensuring years of fitness to come.(this is a patient only product)

Xymogen i5

No supplement list would be complete without mention of the ultimate gains-builder, protein! Protein is essential not only to building muscle mass, but repairing tissue and fueling your body as well. i5 Protein Powder is all natural with a proprietary vegetarian protein blend, plus it boosts detoxification, immunity, and gut health. No additives or sugars, just good clean muscles for a healthy, functional body. (this is a patient only product)

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