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How to Manage Stress and Get More Energy

Posted by Orion Nevel on
How to Manage Stress and Get More Energy

The powers of adaptogenic herbs are immense and impactful. We live in a world where high stress levels and being generally overworked is common place. That is why you see a growing interest into a class of herbs known as adaptogenics. These herbs actually support your bodies natural response to all types of stress including mental and physical. It is typical to feel drained and depleted at the end of a day, but did you know that when left unchecked stress will not only deteriorate your overall health but will directly impact your ability to sleep and have a properly functioning immune system. At the same time it is nearly impossible to eliminate the actual stressors, because for the most part they are what either provide for your material needs or are the passion projects or life long connections we all cherish. Instead of reducing what is on your plate you can simply include key adaptogenic herbs that will directly supports your bodies ability to deal with stress. This will give you more energy to do what you love while at the same time make it easier for you to power through those stressful moments we all run into on a day to day basis. 

Over the last 23 years of selling medicinal herbs, we have seen some adaptogenic herbs rise above the rest. We have curated those superstars into an easy to use liquid veggie cap that is super potent and uses a clinical grade extraction technique. Shiva's Adrenal Rx is the easiest way to comprehensively manage stress and get more energy!

Ashwagandha Root (Organic)

This herb is used preventively to avoid burnout and breakdown and restoratively to help strengthen those who are already mentally and/or physically depleted. Ashwagandha is one of the most important herbs of Ayurveda and is known as “Ayurvedic” Ginseng. It is indicated for similar situations as Ginseng, but it is not heating, Yang, or stimulating like Ginseng. Many scientific studies have been conducted that support Ashwagandha’s adaptogenic and stress response supporting activity. It’s been found to support physical endurance, and supporting healthy hormone levels in the blood. Ashwagandha is also considered a nootropic, this supporting intellect and memory.

Eleuthero Root (Organic)

Eleuthero has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Studies show that Eleuthero supports the bodies natural ability for endurance and supports healthy adrenal function. Formerly known in the U.S. as Siberian Ginseng, Eleuthero is not a true ginseng, but it does belong to the same family of plants. Compared to true ginseng, Eleuthero is non-heating and milder in its stimulatory effects.


Cordyceps Mushroom (Organic)

This mushroom has been traditionally used as a tonic to support healthy energy levels, endurance, stamina, appetite, and sleep patterns. 


Schisandra Berry (Organic) 

This super berry supports endurance and mental performance, and has an adaptogenic, tonifying, and stimulating effect during extreme fatigue. Studies indicate daily use of Schizandra helps supports the bodies natural reaction to increases in cortisol, nitric oxide, and stress activated protein kinase. It also exhibits mood supporting activity.


American Ginseng

This variety of ginseng is native to North America and was used in traditional indigenous medicine by tribes such as the Cherokee, Creek, Iroquois, Menominee, Ojibwa, and Seneca. Its primary uses include supporting blood sugar metabolism in healthy individuals, and supporting healthy cardiorespiratory endurance during activity while at the same time supporting a healthy mood It has a systemic effect to support vigor, energy and vitality, and is especially helpful for individuals feeling overworked and rundown. 


Rhodiola Root Extract (5% rosavins)

This herb is a super star at supporting mental stamina and endurance. Where it really shins is during periods of increased stress and sleep disruption


Red Chinese Ginseng Root

Red Chinese Ginseng (Panax ginseng) is more warming and stimulating than American Ginseng. Studies have shown it to have positive effects on quality of life and intellectual skills. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that it replenishes vital essence and supports healthy blood circulation. 


Indication and Summary for Shiva's Adrenal Rx

Adrenal Rx is a balancing adaptogenic formula indicated for those who are overworked, overstressed, and find themselves feeling tired, overwhelmed and burnt-out most or all of the time. It is also helpful for those who haven’t hit the wall yet, but live fast-paced, high-stress lifestyles and want to avoid breakdown and burnout. The herbs used in the formula are highly adaptogenic and work synergistically to moderate the stress response, not by blocking it altogether but by balancing it out. In other words, they enable the body to respond more appropriately to stress without over-exaggerating the response. This prevents adrenal overstimulation and protects the adrenals from breakdown and exhaustion. Regular use of Adrenal Rx will support normal hormone levels, lessening ones predisposition to stress, decrease over-reactions during the stress response, and provide protection against the effects of long-term stress. In addition, energy and vitality will be restored, and mood and emotional well-being will improve.



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