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Herbal supplements to help meditation

Posted by Orion Nevel on
Herbs to help meditation

Meditation and mindfulness are a movement that has grown steadily around the world over the last ten years. As the benefits of meditation are understood by a broader group of the population; the interest in how to meditate is skyrocketing. But once people dip their toes into meditation practice they can find it difficult and cumbersome for a variety of reasons. Thankfully herbs can help meditation. We combined the most effective herbs into a single elixir that will help you meditate and bring your practice to higher heights. 


Empty Vessel Elixir was developed to assist in meditation practices of all kinds including sitting and moving meditations, guided imagery, contemplation, yoga, qi gong and prayer. The purpose of this formula is to nourish, clear and calm the mind, enhance the senses, nourish and settle the heart, relax the body, enhance breathing and root the Qi. He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti), Ling Zhi (reishi mushroom) & Fu Shen (poria mushroom) assist in rooting bubbling spring (K.1 at the bottom of the feet) to enhance “rooting” and the flow of yin influences from below. He Huan Hua (silk tree flower) , Ju Hua (chrysanthemum), Mu Jin Hua & Mi Meng Hua are flowers that have been used historically in different lineages to “empty the mind” and enhance the reception of celestial influences from above. Gou Qi Zi  (goji berry) & He Huan Pi (silk tree bark) nourish and relax the body and help “empty” the middle womb. He Shou Wu & Fu Shen work in combination with many of the flowers to harmonize Jing-Shen.

Herbs to help meditation

Empty Vessel Elixir relaxes the mind and assists in “emptying” the upper womb to foster clear thinking and promote wisdom, relaxes the body and nourishes the heart to assist in “emptying” the middle womb to regulate emotions and promote love and roots the lower body and enhances breathing to assist in “emptying” the lower womb to promote a sense of integration with the undifferentiated wholeness.

Here are a few key herbs to help meditation featured in Empty Vessel Elixir 

Goji Berry - Historically monks have used Goji Berry to support their meditation practices and achieve higher levels of vitality and stamina. From a modern understand of this super food we know that it is packed with Antioxidants and Vitamin A.

Silk Tree Flower - In Traditional Chinese Herbology Silk Tree Flower (aka Mimosa Tree Flower) has been used to nourish the heart* and uplift the spirit* 

Reishi Mushroom - This herb falls into the classification of adaptogenic. Which means it helps the body react to stress.




Below is a rundown of the formulas from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.

 Pin Yin Name Name Dynamic
He Shou Wu  Fo Ti Sweet, bitter, astringent
Gou Qi Zi Goji Berry Sweet, neutral
He Huan Pi Silk Tree Bark Sweet, neutral
He Huan Hua Silk Tree Flower Sweet, neutral
Ju Hua Chrysanthemum Sweet, bitter, pungent
Mu Jin Hua Hibiscus Flower Sweet, bland, cool
Mi Meng Hua Buddha Flower Sweet, cool
Ling Zhi Reishi Mushroom Sweet, slightly bitter 
Fu Shen Poria Mushroom Sweet, bland, neutral

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