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Gift Guide For Your Healthy Friend 2021

Posted by Orion Nevel on
Gift Guide For Your Healthy Friend 2017
Gift Guide For Your Healthy Friend 2017

Buying gifts for healthy friends and family members who are health nuts can be difficult. It is not as simple as going to the apple store and buying the latest gadget. Many times, health conscious people are more focused on experiences then things. In my list you are gonna find a lot of fun healthy activities that your friend will enjoy doing and leave a lasting memory. Being a health nut myself I will probably be asking for all these things as the holidays come around. 

Click the pictures for links and good luck. The last person you want to leave off your list is your health nut friend or relative, we usually are emotional bunch ;)

Super Foods

Every good health nut has a special place in their heart for super foods. But they are expensive, so showering them with cacao, goji, chia, or raw cashews will get you a big hug! Navitas Organics is a good source.


The sweet and pungent scents of essential oils are pleasant and soothing. Get some lavender to soothe or mint to invigorate or branch out and get something that targets an issue your friend is addressing. Mountain Rose has some good quality oils, try them.

Restaurant Gift Card

Eating out can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it just isn't in the budget. Buy a gift card to a local, healthy, & hip eatery like Soul Tavern to really make your health nut smile.

Yoga Classes

Odds are that the person you are reading this list for does yoga. A 5 or 10 class pack will definitely make them smile and get them out of their living room and into the Shala. The Standard is a nice treat and has a good variety of classes any yogini can appreciate.


Does your friend or loved one enjoy balancing and wellness treatments. Get them a session with your local acupuncturist. Try an NSEV Healing practitioner for added bonus.

Something For Their Kids

If your healthy friend has kids one of the best ways to touch their heart is a thoughtful gift for their kids. Try a Gryph & IvyRose bath and body product or herbal elixir and treat them to something special.

A Good Book

Nothing says I think your smart like a book. Choose a topic meaningful to that person or buy a first edition of their favorite book or an autographed copy. Books and Books has a great collection of autographed copies.

Guided Meditation

Most often we don't have the time to stare out on a beautiful lake and center our thoughts. Using guided meditation is a great way to zero in quickly and spend 10-20 minutes in a mindful space. Try Jon Kabat-Zinn's album available on iTunes which is one of my all time favorites.


A truly indulgent way to spend an hour of your life, and get healthier in the process. Find a great massage therapist like Cristina Dalcomune (305-776-9991 or and buy a session for your loved one. They will really thank you afterward.


Weekend Nature Trip

Grab your camping equipment or make a reservation for a cabin and get out in nature. All health conscious people are aware of the potent benefits of being in nature and will truly appreciate the time to disconnect from the busy world.


The natural habitat of a cool statue is at your health enthusiast home. Next time you are invited over have a look around, and you are sure to find a few sprinkled around. The good thing about it is that you can always add to the collection and stake a claim in the pantheon of their trinkets. Etsy is an easy place to find statues, babbles, and other items of interest.

Donate In Their Name

Many times the people we are shopping for really don't even want a gift. Instead of buying something for the sake of gifting, you can put that money to good use by donating in your health conscious friend's name. Try the Lotus House whose goal is to end child and family homelessness.

Tea Or Tea Ware

Tea can be a world of connoisseurship and intrigue. Unfortunately, your friend the health nut is probably drinking tea bags that are labeled "green tea" but steep yellow and taste bitter. Try buying a premium loose leaf tea from Rishi and get them hooked on the good stuff. Or simply buy them some nice earthen ware and give them a vessel to remember you by.


Everyone likes a little boost, especially those who place a high level of importance on their health. Buy your friend a premium vitamin, herb, or protein supplement they wouldn't normally splurge on. Check out our shop for a few good options

Case of Kombucha

Your gonna get a lot of high fives and thanks when you show up with this. The hippies and health conscious love nothing more then a cold kombucha especially when they have extra stashed in the fridge. The catch is, your gonna have to go to the store for this one. No online orders will do. Pro tip: make sure you get the right flavor. (picture credit: Mom)


Beauty Product

Lots of people have their eye on an expensive beauty product they want but can't splurge on. This is where you swoop in and provide that sweet cream, oil, or shampoo to your beloved and they can use the product guilt free. Check out Gryph & IvyRose's body oil, crafted for kids but luxurious enough for any age.

A Tree

Perfect present for the home owner (or future home owner) who is also health conscious. Give them a fruit tree that can bear gifts for them once a year for a long time. Or get a native tree that will stand the test of time better then an exotic fruit tree. I recommend getting from a local nursery like Little River Cooperative

A Good Knife

A good knife can really make cooking a lot more fun and easier. Regardless of who it is everyone can appreciate a well made knife to some degree. You can break the bank or buy something mid range like Zwilling J.A. Henckels, which is good enough knife for 99% of us.

Fresh Baked Goods

Everyone loves fresh baked goodies. The memories from childhood's chocolate chip cookies to the cinnamon roll you had last week are treasured and comforting. I suggest buying from a small baker who uses quality ingredients and lots of love, Botanibites is a great option.


Getting centered and in line can have a huge impact on your health. Chiropractic work is a great way to evaluate and correct your gate and posture. It can also help to reduce everyday stress and muscle pains. Shiva Schiff DC is a great chiropractor who meets his patients where they are and uses a distinctive holistic and gentle approach.


Think about how often have you been talking to your healthy friends and everyone is describing the different detox they are doing or have done. So why not get them a detox that is accelerated by the premiere lyphatic drainage technology around, the ST-8 Light Beam Generator. Jeffrey Prol is a Miami Beach local Acupuncture Physician who specializes in detoxes that use this technology, give him a call at (305)532-0777.


Good luck shopping and if you have an addition to this list please leave a comment below! All feedback is welcome and I am appreciated. 


Orion and Gryphon

Orion is a life long vegetarian and die hard health nut who loves everything natural. Check out more of his posts on this site and on

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