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Deepening your meditation practice with Empty Vessel Elixir

Posted by Orion Nevel on
Deepening your meditation practice with Empty Vessel Elixir
Deepening your meditation practice with Empty Vessel Elixir


Meditation, yoga, qi gong & other cultivation practices have been consistently proven to be a great way to reduce stress and enhance clarity. When practiced on a regular basis these practices are a powerful tool that can bring significant results. 

All that being said, starting on the path or maintaining a meditation or cultivation practice can be challenging. 

Empty Vessel Elixir is a high quality herbal extract crafted  to assist in cultivation practices of all kinds including sitting and moving meditations, guided imagery, contemplation, yoga, qi gong and prayer. Empty Vessel Elixir relaxes the mind and fosters clear thinking, regulates emotions, relaxes the body to promote feelings of love and roots the lower body and enhances breathing to promote a sense of integration with the whole. 

The Herbs

Fo Ti (He Shou Wu), Rei Shi Mushroom (Ling Zhi) & Spirit Poria ( Fu Shen) together assist in opening Bubbling Spring (K.1 at the bottom of the feet) to enhance “rooting” and the flow of yin influences from below. Happiness Flower (He Huan Hua) , Chrysanthemum (Ju Hua) , Hibiscus Flower (Mu Jin Hua) & Buddha Flower (Mi Meng Hua) are flowers that have been used historically in different lineages to “empty the mind” and enhance the reception of celestial influences from above. Goji Berries (Gou Qi Zi) & Happiness Bark (He Huan Pi) nourish and relax the body and help open the heart. He Shou Wu & Fu Shen work in combination with many of the flowers to harmonize Essence-Spirit, the integration of the mind and body. 

Empty Vessel Elixir can be purchased through your acupuncturist  or from our website. 

Good luck with your cultivation!

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