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We Te Ling Tablets

We Te Ling Tablets


Wei Te Ling is a relatively modern formula, used to relieve acute stagnation in the Stomach* by directing rebellious Qi downward and by moving Blood* stasis. It may be used alone, but is most useful when combined with a constitutional formula. A wide variety of underlying patterns contribute to this excess presentation. Acid producing foods, such as hot and spicy foods, and stress often lead to stomach discomfort accompanied by occasional acidity, belching, bloating or other occasional stomach disharmonies.


Ingredients Cuttlefish bone, Corydalis yanhusuo tuber, Honey, Tienchi ginseng root. (Hai piao xiao, Yan hu suo, Feng mi, Tian qi)


*Refer to Traditional Chinese Medicine terminology and are not tantamount to biomedical definitions