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Smudge Wands by MV

Smudge Wands by MV


Mystical Vibez' signature smudge wands are made of a combination of various sacred herbs that are bundled and bound together with cotton twine.

Have you been feeling the energy off in your home? Energy is everything. We all want that warming sensation in our home. These elevate the vibration in your home by smudging these various herbs to bring love, peace, harmony, and clear away any negative energy. These smudges are recommended for anyone who is just moving into a new home, recently had any change occur in their space, or simply looking to bring bright energy into their home.

Smudging, the act of burning the wands, is done for spiritual purposes, including purifying your aura or a certain space. We personally like to set an intention before starting our smudging. It can be for healing, gratitude, or for love.

 serves to heal us physically, purifying and removing negative vibrations

Lavender promotes tranquility and health

Pine is the ultimate protector, being both healing and nurturing

Rosemary aids in strengthening the consciousness and passion

Rose Petals magnify meditation, peacefulness, and love

Sage is the grounder and energy neutralizer

*Gathering sage and making sage bundles is a prayer and a meditation. Our native sage is hand gathered on very sacred and private grounds in California

 *Please note that each smudge wand is different in appearance. Smudge wand measures approximately 8inches 

For more information on harvesting please visit Harvest Ethically – MysticalVibez