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Empty Vessel Elixir 1oz


Empty Vessel Elixir was developed to assist in cultivation practices of all kinds including sitting and moving meditations, guided imagery, contemplation, yoga, qi gong and prayer. The agenda of this formula is to nourish, clear and calm the mind, enhance the senses, nourish and settle the heart, relax the body, enhance breathing and root the Qi. He Shou Wu, Ling Zhi & Fu Shen assist in rooting bubbling spring (K.1 at the bottom of the feet) to enhance “rooting” and the flow of yin influences from below. He Huan Hua, Ju Hua, Mu Jin Hua & Mi Meng Hua are flowers that have been used historically in different lineages to “empty the mind” and enhance the reception of celestial influences from above. Gou Qi Zi & He Huan Pi nourish and relax the body and help “empty” the middle womb. He Shou Wu & Fu Shen work in combination with many of the flowers to harmonize Jing-Shen. Empty Vessel Elixir relaxes the mind and assists in “emptying” the upper womb to foster clear thinking and promote wisdom, relaxes the body and nourishes the heart to assist in “emptying” the middle womb to regulate emotions and promote love and roots the lower body and enhances breathing to assist in “emptying” the lower womb to promote a sense of integration with the undifferentiated wholeness. Dosage and application: 30 - 90 drops to enhance all cultivation practices and assist in “emptying” the vessel


  • Cultivates deep primordial energy

  • Enhances adaptive capacity

  • Clears & settles the mind

  • Enlivens the senses

  • Nourishes the heart and quiets the spirit

  • Relaxes the sinews & viscera

  • Smooths breathing

  • Harmonizes the Five Shen

  • Integrates the three Wombs (Dantian)

Applications: To enhance mediation, contemplation and all cultivation practices. May be taken before practice or on an ongoing basis to deepen the empty vessel process. 


  • He Shou Wu Fo Ti sweet, bitter, astringent, slightly warm

  • Gou Qi Zi Go Ji Berries sweet, neutral

  • He Huan Pi Happines Bark sweet, neutral

  • He Huan Hua Happiness Flower sweet, neutral

  • Ju Hua Chrysanthemum flower sweet, bitter, pungent, cool

  • Mu jin Hua Hibiscus flower sweet, bland, cool

  • Mi Meng Hua Buddha flower sweet, cool

  • Ling Zhi (Rei Shi) Ganoderma sweet, slightly bitter, slightly warm

  • Fu Shen Sclerotium poriae cocos sweet, bland, neutral

Other ingredients: Alcohhol (45-55%) by volume, Deionized water