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Natural Ways to Recover Faster from Surgery or Injury

Posted by Orion Nevel on
Natural Ways to Recover Faster from Surgery or Injury

Natural Ways to Recover Faster from Surgery or Injury

Jeffrey Prol is a licensed Acupuncture Physician, specializing in lymphatic drainage, pain syndromes, surgery & injury recovery, and family wellness in Miami Beach. Jeffrey’s introduction to alternative medicine came in waves.  His initial experience came when he sustained an injury while surfing in Indonesia and was treated by a local acupuncturist. He received fantastic results which sparked his interest in the ancient art.  Years later in 2003, on a fateful meeting on the famous 3rd street beach Jeffrey met his future wife, Ariella. Ariella had grown up in a household with alternative medicine and acupuncture at its core.  Jeff was quickly immersed, and enrolled in acupuncture school. The seed that had been planted in Indonesia all those years prior grew into a life’s path that not only yielded a beautiful family (3 kids Kai, Lotus, Leilani) but a fulfilling professional career.

3 years later in 2007 Jeff entered into private practice with his father-in-law, Daniel Atchison-Nevel. Jeffrey immediately noticed that there was a disharmony in the relationship between surgery and how the healing process was addressed following the procedure.  Jeffrey set out to develop a protocol with Dan that would support recovery and shorten time spent out of the office and flow of life. They came up with a three pronged system that includes new technologies like the ST8 Light Beam Generator, mixed with the proven classics of Acupuncture, Herbs, and Enzymes.  I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeffrey and discuss his method that has been so successful.

Tell me about the protocol?

Well, it is a multi-faceted approach to recovery. The three big components are herbs, acupuncture, and light-beam generator.  What we are trying to do is increase circulation to the affected area. And then we want to work on any of the organ networks (from a TCM perspective) or Extraordinary Vessels that have been impacted by the trauma.

All three components of the protocol are doing similar things but in different ways. When the body deals with trauma it can affect the flow of qi and blood, which inhibits the body’s natural healing process.

Tell me what the Light Beam Generator does?

Well, it has a lot of different functions but briefly said, it  aids in proper lymphatic drainage, what I mean by that is that a rapid movement of waste material within the cells can occur, which greatly increases the delivery of waste material to the organs responsible for body waste disposal. It helps bring stagnant lymph pathways to life.

From a Chinese medicine perspective it moves Damp. Dampness in Chinese medicine is exogenous pathogenic substance that stagnates the way qi and blood move throughout the body. Dampness is usually difficult to get rid of. The Light Beam Generator is basically our dampness remover.

To summarize, it helps clean out the lymphatic system, which really helps with recovery.

Who is this protocol for?

Anybody that has had recent surgery or injury. Age and gender do not play a role.

What kind of reduction in recovery time do you normally see?

I don’t have a specific number of days but anybody that I have done the protocol with has had their doctor inquire about what they are doing to speed the recovery.

Is it painful?

No, the Light Beam Generator doesn’t hurt at all and in fact is very relaxing. The acupuncture uses needles but usually is pain free. As for the herbs, which can be bitter, we have options to take them in pills or liquid extracts.

How often does a patient need to come to the office?

Usually for surgeries I have people come twice before and two to three times afterwards. As for injuries, as soon as possible after the incident occurs.

What else is the Light Beam Generator good for?

Any inflammation issues, edema, chronic pain, or someone looking for a deep detox.

What other natural ways to recover faster do you recommend




-Rebounder aka Trampoline – if able!  (Helps move the lymph)


Jeffrey Prol maintains a private practice in Miami Beach, FL. For further information or to book an appointment please call (305)532-0777  or email

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