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How to use Echinacea effectively

Posted by Orion Nevel on
How to use Echinacea effectively

During this time of year you have either already dealt with a cold or flu, or are trying vigorously to keep those nasty productivity killers at bay. One of my favorite tools to combat colds and fight flues is Echinacea.

Echinacea is a famous immune builder used for immune deficiencies and in most cases can stop an acute oncoming cold, flu or infection if used in large frequent doses* at the first sign of immune break down.

I know personally that it has gotten me out of a jam on more then one occasion. Eighteen studies outlined in The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs show positive effects for indications for cold, flu, upper respiratory tract infections, and gestational safety.

Taking a large frequent dose must be done for 24 to 48 hours to realize the full benefits of the acute dosing. You can also take Echinacea as a preemptive* strike against oncoming bugs when you start to see the warning signs appear I.E. High Stress Levels, Cold and Flu season, travel, or a sick family member. Contrary to popular myth, Echinacea is safe for long term use and will not decrease immune response over time.

There is also the idea that since Echinacea is immune stimulating, it will aggravate autoimmune disorders such as MS, lupus rheumatoid arthritis and the like. No evidence shows that Echinacea stimulates this part of the immune system and make it hyper active, therefore, Echinacea should be OK in autoimmune disorders.

So weather you are getting sick or just don’t want to miss out on life for about a week Echinacea is right for you. Echinacea is available in the Orion Herbs eStore in a high potency blend of the 5 different types and pieces of the herb. Also it is in a 100% vegetarian easy to swallow liquid veggie cap… Echinacea should also be available at your local health food store. Now that you know how to use echinacea go forth and prosper.

*1000mg 4-5 times a day is consistent with a large dose for acute issues.

*1000mg 1-2 times a day is consistent with a preemptive issue.

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