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7 Methods to Kick Sugar Naturally

Posted by Orion Nevel on
7 Methods to Kick Sugar Naturally

7 Methods to Kick Sugar Naturally

Refined sugar is in a huge amount of food products. So, how do we kick sugar naturally and still live a normal life and not fall victim to the holy sugar trinity of cookies, cakes, and ice cream?  It can all start so innocently at a child’s birthday party or another social event where the peer pressures to eat the sugary confection is worse than most high school house parties. But staying strong and will power only last so long in the moment.  Preparing both mentally and physically is important if we are going to pass on pleasures such as chocolate cherry chunk or key lime pie.  Below are strategies and techniques that have proven to be successful.


Ok, so you really like New York Super Fudge Chunk and you can’t see a world in which you are happy without it. No
problem, just eat a very small amount once a week (1-2 ounces).  That way you know it is still in your life but you are getting a fraction of the amount of sugar.

Change your taste buds

Clear sweet foods from your diet for ten days. After ten days your taste buds will start reproducing and will have a different expectation of what sweet is. Try eating a strawberry very slowly after the hiatus and you will now notice the flavor nuances and recognize just how sweet fruit is. Regular desserts will now be overly sweet.

Stay full

Make sure that your stomach stays full of healthy foods. By keeping yourself satiated you are able to ward off sugar cravings because your body is not searching for an external energy boost. Eat smaller meals more frequently. This will give your body a constant flow of nutrients which will help stabilize your cravings. Also, include healthy fats like avocado and proteins.

Trick yourself

Cinnamon, vanilla, and stevia all simulate the flavor of sugar. By using these ingredients in your cooking you are able to trick your body into thinking that sweets are being ingested.

Eat something else

Going to a party or holiday gathering hungry is like going to a knife fight with children’s safety scissors, your setting yourself up to fail. Make sure that you bring along a healthy snack that is low in sugar but also something that you can look forward to eating, like a low sugar KIND bar.

Take a supplement

There are a number of supplements that help with sugar cravings like GTF Chromium, L-Glutamine, and Cinnamon Force. Cinnamon Force as a side benefit promotes healthy weight management by helping glucose create immediate cellular energy instead of stored potential energy in the form of fat deposits.

Have a reason

Do you want to think clearer, feel healthier, or look better for a special event or meeting. Then kicking sugar naturally will help you achieve those goals. When sugar is offered to you keep in mind your reason for saying no, and just look forward to that special day.

These strategies to help kick sugar naturally are just the beginning, there are many others to try and experiment with. If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact us directly. If you are still on the fence about kicking sugar or cutting way back watch this report from CBS News about sugar, it is a real eye opener.

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