High Quality Herbal Extracts

High Quality Herbal Extracts

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What Makes Our Products Great

They are made with love

<span class="light">They</span> are made with love

All of Orion Herbs Co. branded products are made with love and intention. All of our products grow out of clinical experience and once a formulas has proven itself as a super start we are ready to offer it to the greater community

Because it is from nature

<span class="light">Because</span> it is from nature

Orion Herbs Co. products are all natural. We never use artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It is very important that our products are pure and effective.

Effective herbal products

<span class="light">Effective</span> herbal products

Our main target is a highly effective product. With a seamless melding of scientific herbal extraction methods and premium herbal ingredients we are sure to hit the mark

The Beginnings
It all started in 1998 in North Miami Beach. Our company was founded to provide the highest quality medicinal herbs and supplements, initially for a single acupuncture clinic, later developing a wholesale network to other healthcare practitioners. Over the years Orion Herbs Co. has expanded with a signature line of herbal products, developed by Daniel J. Atchison-Nevel which are based on his 30 years of clinical experience
Our daily goal is to help people find natural means to reach wellness goals. We accomplish that through our herbal pharmacy located in Miami Beach and through our branded products which are only available through licensed healthcare providers all over the country.
Our Belief For the Future
We want everyone to see natural products as a viable option. The use of natural products for health and well-being will be common place in most households and will be seen as a responsible choice.

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