About Orion Herbs

Our Story

Orion Herbs Co. was established in January of 1998, and has been in business in our current Miami Beach Location since 2004. Our company was founded to provide the highest quality medicinal herbs and supplements, initially for a single acupuncture office, later developing a wholesale network to other healthcare practitioners. Over the years Orion Herbs has expanded with a signature line of herbal tinctures,  developed by Daniel J. Atchison-Nevel and based on his 25 years of clinical experience.

Our Mission

To manufacture and distribute the highest quality supplements while conducting all aspects of our business with Honesty, Precision, and Professionalism. 

Quality Control

Orion Herbs uses a three step process to vet products that we sell.

1.Initial research about the prospective company is done to insure that their supply chain meets or exceeds our standards. In additon we make sure that they are GMP (good manufacturing practices as defined by the FDA)  compliant and have a solid reputation in the herbal community.

2.The candidate is then presented to our practitioner board. This board focuses on the formulation of the products and asses the interactions and refinements of the ingredients as a whole.

3. The final stage involves clinical trials. On average all products are used in our clinic for 18 months before we make them available to the general public.

Our Founders

Orion Nevel, President
 is a second-generation participant in the acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and the natural health movement. Orion, a lifelong vegetarian, literally grew up in, around, and on herbal medicine and natural healing. His first experience with Chinese herbs was at the age of five where he “apprenticed” by hanging out in the herb shop, munching on codonopsis root. In 1998 Orion began his adult foray into the healing arts, founding Orion Herbs, as well as beginning his formal studies in natural healing, attending and graduating from Educating Hands School of Massage in Miami, Florida.

Originally Orion Herbs was an herbal pharmacy servicing the needs of a large acupuncture and Chinese medicine practice, but over the years Orion has expanded his business into a retail herbal pharmacy that includes the manufacture, distribution, and sale of herbal products to both the general public and health care providers. Orion has been very successful in balancing the growth of his company with both his concerns for the absolute integrity of the herbs as well as his commitment to good works. In furtherance of his dedication to quality, Orion has made trips to Taiwan and throughout the world exploring the fields where herbs are grown, markets where they are traded, and manufacturing companies where they are processed.

Daniel Atchison-Nevel, Director of Product Innovation and Formulation has been an innovator in the fields of holistic health and acupuncture since 1982.  That year, he and his wife Jane Atchison-Nevel co-founded one of the country’s first comprehensive collaborative health centers, the South Florida Healing Arts Center in Miami Beach, Florida. The Center brought together more than two dozen healthcare providers including Medical Doctors, Chiropractic Physicians, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Nutritional Consultants, Physical Therapists, Energy Healers, Colonic Therapists. The Center also featured, in conjunction with radiologists from South Shore Hospital,  a comprehensive, holistic diagnostic center integrating both conventional and cutting edge diagnostic testing. Clinicians worked collaboratively to offer a wide variety of healthcare options and programs. The Center was a nexus for holistic education offering classes for the general public and continuing education classes for healthcare professionals. Daniel served as Executive Director of the center as well as providing Chinese medicine clinical services.